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The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

SISU. From the roadless wilderness of the Far North, through the snow-covered forests shrouded in the Eternal Night of the winter, echoes our warcry. A new brotherhood honed by the harsh Finnish nature, well versed in battle, we have arrived to make our mark in any endeavour we choose to partake.

Ours is the honor, ours is the glory, ours is the whine, ours is the way of war; victory the sweet ambrosia and defeat the taste of dust and ashes. No retreat, no surrender. We shall prevail or we shall die trying. Our name embodies the indomitable will of our ancestors: perseverence, determination, courage . . . yet it means more than just the mere sum total of these qualities.

Upholding the tradition of the mythical heroes of Kalevala, the great Finnish epic, we shall overcome the odds by strength or by skill. We shall never cheat our enemies nor betray our friends. Integrity, honesty and truth shall be our armor, and righteousness our holy weapon. For our enemies we promise death; for our friends, respect.

What must be done, will be done. This is the Way of Sisu.

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xxYou might have just won!

Thu 23 Jan, 2014 11:17 by Deghos
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Please answer the question below and see if you’re eligible to win a spot in Sisu!

1) Speak Finnish? If you answered yes, you're a winner! It's like winning a lottery, odds are so small!

Playing in good company is always more fun. So what could be more fun than group of Finnish nerds, misfits, drama queens, students, daddies, managers, nurses, engineers, mothers and all the other unsavory characters of Finnish society? Nothing, I tell you, nothing!

But I’m not going to lie: I tell you honestly, I’m going to lie. Sisu is the greatest guild with the sweetest people and the kindest idiots. Sisu puts the FU in FUN. Now there, that’s done. Now to the facts, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

Sisu was established in Vanilla and the guild has been running proficiently since early 2005. We aim to clear current content in a leisurely manner, including HC and raid achievements, although sometimes we finish a tier later. We raid 2-3 days/week, from 19-23. Current progress in SoO heroic is 9/14 (10 man).

We are looking for dedicated and skilled players for raiding, but also we are happy to take in just casual players wanting to have some fun in Flex/achievements/farming/5mans etc. For this current heroic content we’re especially looking for a couple of tanks (with dps OS), but for WoD everything’s open, as the mythic raiding and flex modes allows us to offer meaningful raiding for more people. We require you to be over 18 years old though.

Interested? Of course you are, who wouldn’t be! Feel free to contact any guild member in-game on Vek’nilash, or especially Zabang or Rognar, because they love it!

xxSteady as she goes

Thu 12 Dec, 2013 10:41 by Deghos
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Although writing news has not “recently” been a strong point of Sisu, we’ve been progressing nicely in foggy Pandaria. Naughty Garrosh has been handled (No Christmas presents for you Mr.), and as are all the other miscreants of the current content. We still aim to clear everything heroically, but at a pace more suitable for semi-recreational players. (See, you don’t have to use “casual” if you don’t want to!).

In Mists of Pandaria, Sisu has focused in 10 man raiding, but the current changes in WoD will possibly change that, as mythic raiding can provide new challenges with exiciting “new” mechanics. Who doesn’t enjoy mind controlling mobs and using their abilities? What mage didn’t like tanking the ogre? Maybe even dks will finally wear a shield for tanking, a hunter is also a proud bull, and we’ll use CC? Anything is possible, so excite!

xxTorn Apart But Put Together

Sat 22 Jan, 2011 20:07 by Juha
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A lot has happened since the fall of Lich King. The cataclysmic events all around Azeroth have changed many things. We have witnessed the rise of the Twilight's Hammer and elemental lords. Old friends and foes have returned, people who were thought to be forever gone. And new acquaintances have been made among both the Horde and the Alliance. It is a time of changes. But are they changes for good or for bad?

Again the fate of Azeroth lies on the shoulders of the braves who fear no challenges. Challenges that are yet again unlike any other. The world is in turmoil as danger resides everywhere between the depths of the earth and sea and the vast skies over the seas. But again the braves respond to the call.

And so the dungeons have been rid of the evil spirits within. The stronghold of Cho'gall stands empty as its denizens lie on the floors defeated. The wicked windlord Al'Akir and his conclave have been dispersed. And finally the great nemesis of old, Nefarian, has met his fate again. This is what it means to a member of the Horde, this is what it means to be the Defender of a Shattered World!

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